Our company holds SOA Certification for carrying out Public Works, issued by BENTLEY SOA S.p.A., for the following categories and classes:

  • OG 1 (CLASS II)
  • OG 10 (CLASS III)
  • OG 11 (CLASS III)

The company has also obtained the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification (certificate no. 1393/13), for INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE OF TECHNOLOGICAL PLANTS, issued by the "C.D.Q. Italia S.r.l." certifying body;
  • CEAM Structured Cabling System authorised installer (Authorisation no. 290/04);
  • Certificate issued by the National Safety Authority no. 14644/135.11133.4/072.3.1;
  • Authorisation for Installation, Testing, Connection and Maintenance of TELEPHONE SYSTEMS (Ministerial Authorisation no. PA/244/2010);
  • F-GAS Certification (certificate nr. AJAEU/FGAS/14/0102), issued by "AJA Registrars Europe S.R.L.";

ELECTRA has always been sensitive to the safety in the workplaces in accordance with current legislation (Legislative Decree 81/08 ex 626/94), Decree 37/08 (Ex Law 46/90, etcetera). In effect, it has worked on specializing its employees, as well as on carrying out and upgrading the technological systems, and also on maintaining them, as to be in full compliance with the referred norms.

As evidence of the high quality standards achieved in the services offered and of an ever increasing confidence placed in us by various Institutions, we have reached a turnover (ever increasing in the last five years), today amounting to 6.000.000,00 Euros.