Electra Innovation is
partner of ecosism®.
A new building system with various advantages all to be discovered


In order to develop high energy efficiency systems and installations in buildings, we have specialised in energy management with flows distribution and control for home automation management, capable of interacting systems with people and verifying in real time the state of their performances. Moreover, we have also acquired an innovative building system, enabling savings of over 30 % compared to traditional systems, thanks to the partnership with Ecosism, the worldwide patent proprietor. Indeed, this innovative building system enables the realization of “turnkey” buildings of any type and with high energy performances, capable of generating significant savings and giving an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation as well as a high resistance to fire, thus enabling the implementation of these buildings halving the time compared to conventional construction techniques.

Electra Innovation is partner of Ecosism®, the company which has developed the patented construction system that bears its name, which enables to construct ecocompatible buildings capable of generating energy savings up to 80% compared to traditional systems, of improving the quality of life and of being protected against natural and accidental events. In fact, the innovation of the system is in the way of using and assembling materials used in traditional construction, such as concrete, iron, galvanised steel and insulating panels, thus enabling it to make the difference. Indeed, in new buildings the insulating function is integrated into the masonry and the ceiling during its construction and not applied on site as under the traditional system of external insulation.


The Ecosism® module is a unique system thanks to its threedimensional galvanized steel wire weft. This weft, quickly and easily, is fit for every desired shape, thus bringing together under a single module three functions:

  • 1. on all sides it receives the insulation materials;
  • 2. in the empty spaces it receives the additional reinforcements and concrete;
  • 3. it works as support and as an anchoring to the finishing materials.


Simplicity of handling

  • modules (panels) of more than 3 sqm. can also be moved by a single operator without using any lifting equipment;

Cheaper and faster construction

  • reduced costs compared to traditional systems and greater speed of construction (more than 30%);
  • facilitation of work-site organisation with a reduction of mistakes during the installation, thereby generating economies in plant engineering.

Full freedom of aesthethic and structural customisation

  • Ecosism® steel mesh can be curved, bent and shortened according to the creativity of the designer;
  • ecosism® modules can be combined to meet all construction needs, such as: load-bearing masonry, dividing walls, infill, partitions, ceiling slabs, roofs and shaped walls;
  • choice of the insulating material, the composition of the structural materials and the type of finish.

Monolithic (one-piece) and anti-seismic reinforced structure

  • Monolithic load-bearing structure in reinforced concrete which guarantees a load resistance greater than traditional structures;
  • protection against natural disasters.

Fire resistance

  • expanded polystyrene used in the Ecosism® modules is fire reaction self-extinguishing Class E, according to UN I EN 13163:2003;
  • its fire resistance depends on the thickness of the concrete roof and on the iron covering required for structural scaffoldings;
  • possibility of choosing the thickness of the iron covering assured by the steel mesh shape;
  • possibility of using insulating materials such as the ISO VER glass wool, EUROCLAS - SE A1/A0,s1,d0 certified, in order to realise a kind of finishing depending on project requirements.

Full integration with traditional systems

  • compatibility with all traditional building systems, with various types of finishing and with all doors and windows systems available for sale.

Complete thermal and acoustic insulation

  • total absence of thermal bridges thanks to a double insulation system;
  • high energy saving (in buildings);
  • aerial acoustic insulation whose quality depends on the choice of masonry and type of insulating material used (chosen among expanded or extruded polystyrene slabs, agglomerated blond cork, mineral wool, glass wool, mineralised wood and paper on wood).