electra innovation directs its activity to high quality solutions at all levels and for all types of services provided.


With the Systems Division Electra Innovation directs its activity to high quality solutions at all levels and for all types of services provided, in particular:

  1. Design, installation and maintenance of systems in the electricity, heating, cooling, hydraulic, fire and burglar alarm sectors and particularly:
    • Civil and industrial electrical systems;
    • alarm systems, active and passive security systems, radioTV installations and electrical generators in general;
    • air conditioning and heating systems;
    • water/sanitary and fire alarm systems;
    • alternative energy installations;
    • public lighting and traffic light systems;
    • amplification systems and technical assistance;
    • atmospheric discharge protection systems

  2. construction of cabins, switchboards and electrical cable assemblies;
  3. telephony systems;
  4. structured cabling
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Photovoltaic System

Solar energy is, between energy sources, the most abundant on our planet.
Electra Innovation, with the aim of disseminating solar photovoltaic technology, has specialised in the installation of systems designed specifically to meet its customers’ needs, from studying the energy requirements, the energy and economic performance of the system to its construction and scheduled maintenance.

Centralised Vacuum System

Thanks to a centralised vacuum system cleaning activities can be carried out without causing even the slightest disturbance.
  Therefore, there will be no dust or odours which return to the environment as with any traditional vacuum cleaners, by guaranteeing the freedom to use the system at any time, since the vacuum unit is located in a service area and it is equipped with an outward discharge system. The system ensures better cleaning, air renewal, as well as maximum hygiene.

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV)

The controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) systems allow to manage the air exchange between inside and outside, without opening doors and windows, through forced ventilation ducts linked to the interior environments for removing foul air and through diffusers for introducing clean air.

Automated Car Parking

Electra Innovation designs and implements automatic parking systems and provides “customised” solutions capable of responding to customers’ needs, thus optimising space and time in parking vehicles. The system is completely mechanised and may be equipped both with automatic and manned cash machines.

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