The safety of our customers is extremely important to us...
this is why Electra innovation has always guaranteed reliable and safe systems.


As regards the Safety Division, Electra Innovation provides a wide range of safety systems and installations in order to offer its customers a comprehensive assistance, from design to execution, thanks to high skilled technicians and partnerships with leading companies in this sector.

As evidence of its leadership, Electra Innovation has been chosen by Public Institutions for developing such systems.

VIDEO-SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS enable, by controlling pictures with different levels of intelligence, the video surveillance both of small areas (for example a building) and wider ones (for example city video surveillance).

The system can be used for control functions or video recording too, with different quality levels customisable according to customer specifications, in full compliance with Data Privacy laws.

It can also be used, in combination with functions of intelligent analysis, to report anomalies within the surveilled area, such as the abandonment of objects or the access in forbidden areas.

An ANTI-INTRUSION SYSTEM is an electronic system which allows the control of civil and industrial buildings, detecting intruders.

Irrespective of the system architecture (internal or external protection, buildings or larger areas used as photovoltaic park) and the type of technology (microwave or infrared, single or dual, trampling or optical fibre), the use of advanced and complete hardware allows to manage a wide range of automatisms able to interact with each other.

ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS are systems which allow us to manage the admission of people and vehicles to an area, according to different security parameters and specific customer requirements.

These systems may be equipped with the ID badges system or more recent video systems capable of automatically activating consents according to the image read by a specific camera (licence plates recognition, facial recognition).

They also allow us to record and keep a file of all accesses, valid and denied.

AUTOMATIC FIRE DETECTION SYSTEMS  are able to automatically detect the start of a fire and signal it as quickly as possible.

Manual detection systems with fixed installation, instead, allow to send alarm signals in the event of fire detected by men.

In both cases the fire alarm signal is transmitted and displayed in corrispondence to a control and signal center and possibly it is retransmitted to an alarm receiving and intervention center.

The purpose of these systems is to favour a timely evacuation of people, animals as well as the removal of goods, to activate plans for intervention, fire safety systems and any other integrated safety measures, such as fire extinguishing systems.

Design, implementation and assistance of security systems, such as:

  • Analog/digital video surveillance systems with remote viewing;
  • wired or wireless anti-intrusion systems;
  • advanced perimeter protection systems;
  • access control systems;
  • antirobbery systems;
  • fire detection systems;
  • monitoring systems of information system and LAN networks security levels;
  • protection of business confidentiality systems;
  • fog security systems;
  • teleservicing and remote interaction.